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Ever since I accidentally climbed a mountain (if we have met, you probably know that story, if you don't, let's meet somewhere with granite spires rising over an alpine lake and share stories) I've always set sight to trips that are bigger than myself. 


Before I had ever seen a climbing rope I dreamed about climbing El Capitan, only when I reached the top I learned that the destination has nothing to do with adventure, but the act of navigating the unknown to get there.

At the core, adventure is the commitment to an uncertain outcome, with the willingness to embrace challenge and move towards success.

It is not blind faith and recklessness, but confidence and awareness in the face of challenge.


In short. I'm your tool for when you plunge a great deal outside of your comfort zone, hiking in remote mountains, climbing desert towers, portaledge camping on Mediterranean cliffs, canyoneering Mexican river caves, scrambling Austrian dolomite summits


Seasonally I set off  to different parts of the world in pursuit of personal adventure objectives from my own bucket list, while being there I'd be excited to take you in a real adventure,. I post some options that I believe are worth your next escape.

I will plan all the logistics and provide my guiding services  and all the gear to support your adventure project. Whether it is only you, or with your friends that follow you in the wildest things you do. You can also choose to join  like-minded people that have signed up for my trips.


I include accommodation throughout the itineraries, It is an element you don't need to adventure with, the truth is, when you really are "off the beaten path" locals never heard of AirBnB, but for the starting and finishing points I always prioritize unique experience, and indulgence.

Yes I love roughness of the mountains but I believe in a good wine, a fireplace and a hot tub with views at the end of  of hardship. . 


When your destination is far from the tourism crowds, private transportation becomes expensive fast, and ultimately unnecessary. The best option is a car rental or local transportation, both open the possibilities of a more flexible exploration of places and really dig in the culture of towns without tourist but visitors, where people don't try to sell you things, the want to know you and help you. I keep this open


To me food is not only a necessity, it is another form of exploration, tying it to fixed menus would be detrimental for the purpose of adventure. Of course I will be there to not let you miss out on a culinary experience. 

About me


Henry Haro



favorite food locro soup

favorite destination : non crowded      

best adventure : 21 day river kayak expedition

biggest fear : getting lost at Burningman   




absurdly wild & breathtaking location

  • Rock Climbing

  • Hiking in remote mountains

  • Backcountry backpacking

  • Summit objectives rock or snow

  • Cliff camping 

  • Extreme hammoicking


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