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When I was a kid I couldn't afford to dream about many things, not because I believed they were impossible but because I didn't know they even existed. I grew up in such bubble where a lot of the world was inaccessible. I started "off the ground" because I know that the idea of the "great outdoors" can sometimes feel out-of-reach and intimidating. But with good guidance and self-confidence, I've seen over and over how people do more than what they ever thought possible.


I find adventure as a way to connect with the world, to explore myself in places I don't understand. Every time we stand at the boundaries of our limits we can only challenge the idea we had about ourselves. Stepping forward into the unknown.

I want to help active travelers to experience the planet's best adventures connecting with places and people


I was born in Quito, Ecuador, grew up around hummingbirds and volcanoes. During my university studies in Tourism and later as a tour guide, I extensively traveled to every corner of the country, but it wasn't until I set sail outside home land, that I could fully understand not only what Ecuador really is, but also how much I didn't know about myself.

I embarked in a mission to travel as much as possible, quite an ambition for a nationality which is required a visa to enter most countries. 

After I accidentally discovered rock climbing (meaning I free soloed rock walls not knowing it was an sport) it became my passion, rock climbing unlocked further mountains, traveling to further mountains unlocked hidden places, hidden places required new skills, and every step meant working harder to break new limits.

The path wasn't easy, it required years of instruction, training for fitness performance, wilderness first responder  and rescue capacitation, most importantly tons of exposure. But having the skills to navigate the Earth's topography, has given me access to endless and life lasting authentic experiences and connection to distant cultures; which is the best reward I could have ever dreamed of.

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