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Small group of adventure-driven people in the remote corners of the mountains, living the dream of wilderness, hosted in the coziness of our high-end comfort tents.

Adventure athletes supporting and coaching you to tackle daily objectives, exploring the geography of the surroundings; be it hiking, scrambling summits, high-line hammocking, rock climbing, or our famed cliff picnic.

Finishing days with wild sunsets and a culinary experience crafted by our expedition chef.


Not another building in the nature

In elaborate logistics, our expedition team set up our temporary base camps in the heart of the great mountains, awe inspiring landscapes hidden from the road traveler, places we want to leave as wild as we found them, that’s why we meticulously take it all down leaving no trace behind 

Locations have been scouted and meticulously selected to meet the criteria for a true mountain experience, there are no roads or signs, you can only access by hiking. 


cocoon in the mountains

We exist for those who feel that magnetic pull that drowns you to a moment contemplating the gloaming mountains snuggled in a soft fluffy blanket, sipping an steamy warm drink.


We outfitted our tents with the finest attention to detail to nest your utmost wilderness experience.

Sunrise view, freshly brewed coffee in downy bedding? We thought so.

wild outside, cozy inside

Everest base camp tested, our HQ lounge tent is furnished to surpass the dream of the finickiest mountaineer. If ever one existed.

Most mountaineers feel spoiled if they can sit on a flat rock.


Inside HQ, you’d almost forget you are out in the middle of nowhere, this is the venue for the social scene, for when you are craving some incredible cuisine, for when the idea of a luscious cocktail gracing your lips is pure heaven, or for when you need the warmth of a hot chocolate in your hands to the point that makes your heart giggle.


When things get rough outside, HQ is here to let you in, kick back and relax.


Reinvent your limits one adventure at a time

Our staff will walk you through to develop abilities to set you up for success in our various activities. 

No previous experience is required, only one thing is needed, your willingness to explore

. Hiking

. Rock climbing

. Rapeling

. Cliff picnic