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Wild outside Indulgent Inside



A two days journey in the middle of the Ecuadorian Andes. Heart-thumping adventures, inspiring landscapes, and a dash of indulgence. A true experience to re-wild your life.


- Ledge swing & drinks challenge

- 60 meter free hang rappel 

- Rock Climbing 

- Mountain Lodge night



Straight depart southbound throughout the volcanoes avenue and over the western mountain range of the Andes, on roads disclosing how people have adapted to unconceivable latitudes and topographies. 

Kick off with a short hike exploring along San Juan canyon, a place where it seems like the Earth cracked open so we can see the interior of a lava river.

Get outfitted as a proper climber and after a safety briefing; our team will set you up for a morning of challenges, laughs, and plenty of unforgettable time on the rock.

Tailored to suit your experience, from first-time beginners through to advance rock climbers, our guides will assist you to ensure your own thrill-coaster.

The focus is to inventory everyone’s ability and trust building with gear and systems, so we arrange and make sure to personalize your progress for the the upcoming challenges. 

A picnic outside to replenish energies and back to business, our ledge swing challenge, if not suitable to your skill level a sunset hike will be offered.

The wild side of the mountains and their distinctive capricious and sometimes taxing weather is so humbling that makes a bowl of salty water taste as if it was the biggest delight in the planet as long as it is hot.

Regardless, you are ensured a flavorful and gratifying dinner from the very hands of the local chefs overlooking the mountain landscapes outside and snugged in the heat of the fireplace. 

Take sometime after dinner to check the sky before snuggling in alpaca blankets in your heated rooms. 


Wake up to the mountain silence and look trough the window before your first sip of coffee. 

Nowadays it is a known fact that Chimborazo volcano is the furthest point from the center of the Earth due to its location along the equatorial bulge of the planet.

A true "mind over body" challenge to face, a free hanging 50 meters rappel into San Juan canyon, in panting giggles and possible shaking legs we will start hiking out of the canyon in celebratory mood.

After lunch, you will check in at Chimborazo Lodge, with the volcano itself as its backyard.


This trip takes place in the Andes mountains where activities are subject to weather conditions that are out of our control. In case of severe overcast conditions your itinerary will be modified to best accommodate your safety and comfort and 


  • Guiding and Instruction

  • Accommodation 

  • All Meals described in itinerary.

  • All adventure activities.

  • All rock climbing gear

  • Private transportation

  • Covid-19 Protocols

*Currently we are only operating private groups from the same household due to Covid-19 safety protocols.

*Prices are based on a group of 6 in double standard occupancy.



  • Travel Insurance

  • Gratuities

  • Breakfast Day 1/ Lunch Day 2


The right gear will make a difference between having a pleasant challenging adventure and feeling like you just survived the apocalypse.

Passport (expiration date at least 6 months after the trip) 

Travel insurance
Day backpack 20/30 L

Hiking pants (water resistant/quick dry)
Hiking shirt/ Sun shirt (long sleeves and hoody) 

Fleece Jacket 

Insulation Jacket 

Rain Jacket with hood

Rain Pants

Fleece or Insulation Pants
Base layers

Liner gloves
Wool hat & Sun Hat 
Hiking or approach shoes
Sunglasses and Sun screen 50 SPF 

Flashlight or headlamp
Personal water bottle
Personal Medication and prescription for extra meds 


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