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Wild outside Indulgent Inside

$2990 USD


A 7 day journey in the middle of the Ecuadorian Andes. Heart-thumping adventures, inspiring landscapes, and a dash of indulgence. A true experience to re-wild your life.


- Remote Mountain Glamping

- Summit Carihuayrazo volcano

- Cliff picnic 

- 60 meter free hang rappel 

- Mountain lodge night

- Hot springs lodge




Private transfer from the airport.

In the evening meet and greet your guide and fellow explorers to go over the details and logistics of your trip.

Memorable first dinner and good night’s rest in preparation for the kick off tomorrow.


Quito, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage of mankind. A balcony city at 1200ft overlooking the neighboring the andes mountain range is the starting point of your trip.

Walk along the modern city streets gazing upon the historical evidence of ancient Quito embedded in the architecture. Explore galleries that speak stories with silent voices, telling the history that shaped the culture of its inhabitants, you will soon learn why they never check the weather or how come they pacifically stroll around unaltered by the fact that the volcano they live on is active.  


cocoon tent inside sunset1.jpg

Depart southbound through the volcanoes avenue and over the western mountain range of the Andes, on roads disclosing how people have adapted to unconceivable altitudes and topographies.

Pull over at the edge of the front country. Kick off with a short hike exploring along where the ocean clouds and the tall-standing mountains converge.


Get outfitted for a true once in a life time experience, enjoy a hand selected arrangement of local delights whilst reveling the majestic views of the Andes mountain range from a private ledge suspended on one of the cliff sides.

After a safety briefing and gear intro, we will get you familiar with the equipment, few practice drills on the ground and warm up abseils to build your level of comfort and self-trust, before you zip down onto your ledge.Once you get situated, the views will reveal a lovely sense of isolation and awe.


Use the afternoon to explore the surroundings or challenge yourself with rock climbing activities, we will assist you to ensure your own thrill-coaster.

Our lounge tent will host warm hearts and drinks under the stars, before our expedition chef presents tonight’s dining experience.

Snug the night in our cocoon tents outfitted to comfort a wild night out in the heart of the remoteness. 



Wake up to the mountain silence, grind and brew fresh coffee beans, and sip in the breathtaking views while you snuggle in the coziness of your alpaca downy bedding.

Meet us at the lounge tent for ™WEC breakfast featuring artisanal campfire cinnamon rolls, and to plan the day ahead of us.

A true "mind over body" challenge to face, a free hanging 50 meters rappel into San Juan canyon, in panting giggles and possible shaky legs we will start hiking out of the canyon in a celebratory mood.

After lunch, you will check in at Chimborazo Lodge, with the volcano itself as its backyard.

You are ensured a flavorful and gratifying dinner from the very hands of the local chefs, overlooking the mountain landscapes outside and snugged in the heat of the fireplace. 



Today we have an early start, a new challenge rises ahead, we will discover the magic that lies beneath one’s feet when you are standing on the summit of a 5020 m. (16566 ft.) mountain. As we climb you may feel you wish to be warmer, more comfortable, but when you reach the summit you may feel there is no place you would rather be.

Back to the hotel fireplace and hot drinks.



Nowadays it’s a known fact that the summit of Chimborazo is the furthest point from the center of the Earth, due to its location along the equatorial bulge of the planet.  This day will most likely be the closest to outer space that you have ever been or will ever be while standing on Earth, unless you decide to climb to the summit. A moon-like environment, habitat of “vicuñas” (wild ancestor of domesticated llamas and alpacas) and the endemic hummingbird “Estrella del Chimborazo”.


Finish the day at Termas Papallacta to relax and soak our ragged bodies in volcanic hot springs, treat ourselves with a massage, or a stroll around the gardens in the hotel.



The morning is at leisure to enjoy the scenery from the natural hotsprings or take hikes in the mountain cloud forest.

Private transfer to the airport in the afternoon.


This trip takes place in the Andes mountains where activities are subject to weather conditions that are out of our control. In case of severe overcast conditions your itinerary will be modified to best accommodate your safety and comfort.


  • Guiding and instruction

  • Accommodation 

  • All meals described in itinerary.

  • All adventure activities.

  • All rock climbing gear

  • Private transportation

  • Covid-19 protocols

*Currently we are only operating private groups from the same household due to Covid-19 safety protocols.



  • Travel Insurance

  • Gratuities


The right gear will make a difference between having a pleasant challenging adventure and feeling like you just survived the apocalypse.

Passport (expiration date at least 6 months after the trip) 

Travel insurance
Day backpack 20/30 L

Hiking pants (water resistant/quick dry)
Hiking shirt/ Sun shirt (long sleeves and hoody) 

Fleece Jacket 

Insulation Jacket 

Rain Jacket with hood

Rain Pants

Fleece or Insulation Pants
Base layers

Liner gloves
Wool hat & Sun Hat 
Hiking or approach shoes
Sunglasses and Sun screen 50 SPF 

Flashlight or headlamp
Personal water bottle
Personal Medication and prescription for extra meds 


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